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Trust your information knowing we adhere to all best practices. Encryption is used throughout, and our hosting is amongst the top in the world.


Every organization has its own requirements. Quickly configure the system to become the tool that works best for you.


Take advantage of our automation tools. Simplify tasks and save time.

Our Features

Customized Forms

Data collection specific to your needs


Data at a glance with a wide range of dashboards. Manage all certifications through Tracking Module.

Automated Reminders

Keep your membership current with automated reminders of pending deadlines.


Manage all aspects of your event with Events Module. Gone are the days of writing down names and collecting money!


Electronic trail of all fees and transactions available through Invoicing Module. Customisable fees, and automated email invoicing!

Team Management

Give your coaches a break, let them track their team through Team Management Module. Centralize all critical team member information.

Our Story

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Our co-founder Todd Guillet is a software developer and avid martial artist. At a young age he developed a passion for Karate. Over the years he was an athlete, coach, referee, and eventually moved into the role of Membership Officer. During his years as Membership Officer, he recognized the need for an online membership platform to help streamline membership, events, and team management. Martial Member was born and is constantly evolving into a top-class system.